Monday 28 April 2008


Would you believe our catalogue finally arrived back from the printers on Friday. We have managed to post out over half of the catalogues for members and hopefully the rest will go in tomorrow's post. I hate to think what our Post Office invoice is going to be this month! If you are not a member and would like a copy of our new catalogue please request one with your next order or send 6 x 1st class stamps to Stamp Addicts.

As mentioned in the newsletter accompanying the Stamp Addicts Accessory Catalogue, there are things in the catalogue you won't find on the website and vice versa. Most notably are all the different pens as we can show colour charts in the catalogue but these would be too small to see on the website.

I hope you like our new catalogue, and if you spot any mistakes please let me know - I'm sure there will be a few.

Lastly, I have a favour to ask - does anyone know Amanda Bateman's contact details? I have lost her business card and would like to get in touch with her.

I have now lifted the restrictions so anyone can place a comment.

Many thanks

Thursday 24 April 2008

Rhinestone Wedding

This card is using the DeNami Wedding Couple and one of the new Rhinestone Ribbon Sliders. We have these new Ribbon Sliders in several shapes and sizes in Gold or Silver.

I can use this for my friend's wedding next Saturday, I haven't been to a wedding for about 6 years. I'm trying to find out if we are allowed to use confetti, back when I got married (nearly 10 years ago) some venues had banned the use of confetti, which is a shame as it is one of those little traditions that I love and so do the kids. This will be the first wedding for my two little angels, I only hope they can behave on the day and don't get too bored.

Thursday 17 April 2008

Mimi Cards by Kay Carley

A small selection of the cards that Kay Carley made for us using the DeNami 'All About Mimi' range of stamps.


A selection of ATCs by Kay, Vicky & Julie. Don't forget we have the ATC trading post in store so if you would like to trade please come in and see us or send upto 4 ATCs with an SAE.

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Kay Carley Classes

These are the cards for Kay Carley's workshops on 25th & 26th April. The first 2 are using a Printworks stamp and gold leaf and the second 2 are from the DeNami 'All About Mimi' range.
You can book online at Stamp Addicts.

Friday 11 April 2008

Alexandra Palace

Today we are off to the Big Stamp & Scrapbooking Show at Alexandra Palace in Wood Green. We will spend all day today setting up ready for you to come and see us Saturday or Sunday - hope you can make it.

Tuesday 8 April 2008

Flap Book

This Flap Book is being featured in next months issue of Quick & Crafty magazine. All the photos are from our trip to CHA.

New Products

This is one of our new double slide mailers. It has been painted with dabbers and stamped on using Heidi Swapp Acrylic paint.

And this is one our new Domino Keepsake Boxes, we've added arms, legs, wings and a head. Don't forget you can still put something inside it.

Saturday 5 April 2008

Woohoo - its the weekend

I managed 2 full days at work on Thursday and Friday, and I spent today in bed recovering. I finally feel like I am beating this thing, the one good thing to come of it is that I now feel a lot closer to my son Bailey. During my days in bed he would come and sit beside me and chat and play and sometimes sleep beside me, which was so nice. These are moments we don't often get together.

This week we did manage to send out half of the DT stamps and hopefully after our delivery on Tuesday we will be able to send out the other half. We have asked for all artwork to be in by the end of April as we are filming early in May. Shall I tell you what the theme is? Maybe later!

This week I also managed to finish all pages for the catalogue. There are just a few pages with my computer guy being transferred into the right format and then we are good to go, so hopefully we will have everything with the printer by the end of the week - this has been one mammoth task, I just hope you think it was worth it when you receive your copy.

I haven't posted any photos for a while so this week I will make it my mission to put some images up here for you - not sure what they will be yet!

Remember those Earth shoes I bought and wore at the NEC. Well I loved them so much I bought a second pair (they had a sale over Easter), these ones look just like a regular pair of white trainers. I haven't even managed to try them on as they were delivered while I was off but I shall be wearing them on Monday when we start running around and getting ready for Alexandra Palace.

If you've never been to Alexandra Palace, I think it is a wonderful building and so wish they could restore the rest of it. As a teenager I used to go ice skating there and spent many summer days lazing on the grassy hill below the Palace. I used to love going there so much that we even looked at it for a wedding venue - talking of which can you believe this September will be my 10th wedding anniversary. I am definitely starting to feel old. Why is it this year people keep asking me how old I am, the honest answer is 'I don't know', I know the year I was born and most times have to work it out with a calculator, I have had so many birthdays that I've lost count - age is just a number, isn't it? I know, I know, I am still relatively young, I just don't feel 21 anymore. Gone are the days when my 21st felt like yesterday and when my biggest stress was getting to work on time.