Friday 29 August 2008

Stamps by Judith Artwork part 2

Part 2 of Lesley's artwork for the Stamps by Judith range of stamps - remember these are not available to purchase online so please call us on drop into the shop.

Thursday 28 August 2008

Stamps by Judith artwork

Lesley has been hard at work playing with her 'Stamps by Judith' stamps and here are some of the results, more tomorrow.

Create & Craft Magazine

I did promise last week to post up the card I made the C&C Club Magazine. Well here it is, it is the JK Partridge Pear Tree stamp which is featuring in our new Christmas show, stamped onto a laminating sheet with oxidating red metal leaf applied. The background has been created using Niji watercolour paints.

Monday 25 August 2008

The Wonder of Kids

Why is it, no matter what time you put the kids to bed, they always get up at the same time? Last night we let Annabel stay up until 9.30pm (normal bedtime is 8pm) and yet this morning I am still woken at 7am when she dropped a roasting tin on the kitchen floor. - What is she doing with a roasting tin I hear you ask - well, she thought it was the ideal container (or the only one she can get her hands on) to mix up yoghurt and jelly for a yummy breakfast.

So now I am wide awake and ready for the day to begin. We are going to visit Martin's brother today on Canvey Island, it takes about an hour and a half to get there so if we take Nuvi we might find somewhere nice for lunch on the way. Hopefully there won't be the 22 million cars on the road that they predict otherwise it will take us a lot longer. I don't want to get home too late tonight so I can get up early in the morning as we have a lot to achieve tomorrow and Wednesday to get ready for filming on Thursday, plus I want to finish the new Mini-Mag this week.

Don't forget today is the last day for FREE p&p on UK orders over £20, enter code PPFREE in notes box.

Hope you enjoy this Bank Holiday as the next one is Christmas!

Sunday 24 August 2008

New Products

Countdown to Christmas by Teresa Collins as well as Snowy Jo and Hallowhimsy by Imaginisce is now all on the website listed by manufacturer but also in the 'All new products' category.

Have you got rain? It is absolutely pouring down here but it is only 7am so it might clear up. We were hoping to fly our kites later today but strangely enough they don't fly very well in the rain so we might have to wait for another day. Last weekend we took my dragon kite out for the first time and the kids were having great fun with it until one of the struts suddenly gave way, I think they're made of fiber glass so it just splintered but I didn't know this until I picked it up and managed to get several splinters in my hand, the only problem with fiberglass is that it is invisible so I couldn't pull them out of my hand.

I think I might try and go back to bed for an hour or two.

Thursday 21 August 2008

Free P&P

From now until midnight on Monday we are offering free p&p on all UK orders over £20, just enter the code PPFREE in the notes box and we will manually deduct the postage from your order.

I hope this will go someway to help compensate for the miserable wet weekend it looks like we are about to have, I've never known such a wet August. We are spending hours grooming our little dog because he seems to be getting wet every time we go out and then his fur gets all tangled and matted, he has an appointment at the poodle parlour next week so he will get a short hair cut just in time for the late summer I am sure we are going to have!

I haven't yet been able to get the new Teresa Collins, CI and Imaginisce Christmas or the CI & Imaginesce Halloween onto the website but we will get them up there as soon as is humanly possible.

Tomorrow we have another delivery from Stamps By Judith with lots of new stamps, remember these will not be available to buy online.

Tuesday 19 August 2008


We had several deliveries yesterday, one of which included the new Teresa Collins Christmas papers and stamps - I love these (but I love most things about Christmas) so I will try and get them up on our website soon.

Another 'holiday' I love is Halloween, maybe because it usually encompasses my favourite colour - Purple! We had some really cool Halloween papers and stamps arrive yesterday so will probably spend today rearranging the shop to create a Halloween section, I might even post a pic later.

Tomorrow morning I will be at Create & Craft filming for their club magazine Christmas issue, I'm not sure if it comes out in October or November but later this week I will post up a pic of the card I am making.

This week we are also preparing for our new TV show 'Spirit of Christmas' which we are now filming next week so as soon as I have a date for the first screening I will let you know, probably the same day as our Sale - Saturday 6th September.

If you like to know when our shows are going to be on Create & Craft I an now putting up a schedule upto 3 weeks in advance, you will find it in the 'News' section of our website.

Time for work!

Thursday 14 August 2008

Stamps by Judith

Stamperama Stevenage was a great success and our new range 'Stamps by Judith' was well received, hopefully you got to see Julie demonstrating with a selection of their stamps. Unfortunately Kay Carley wasn't able to join us on Sunday but we wish her a speedy recovery. Kay will be demonstrating for us on the Saturday at Alexandra Palace and Julie did such a good job that she will be demonstrating on the Sunday.

We've added a couple more shows to our schedule this autumn - The South Stamp Show at the Charmandean Centre on Saturday 13th September, followed by The PaperCraft Extravaganza in Harrogate the following weekend.

So with the Sale Day on Saturday 6th September we have something every weekend in September - busy month!

We were due to film our new TV show this Sunday but unfortunately it has been delayed and we are waiting on a new date which will probably be early September. There will be details in the new Mini-Mag going out in a few weeks, along with lots of 'Stamps by Judith' artwork.

Oooh, I almost forgot to mention my new shoes. Vicky has been waiting to find me a birthday present (July) and last week she came across a website selling Fitflop flipflops. As I already have Earth flipflops I decided on a dressy pair with gold sequins. They arrived before Stevenage so I was able to wear them on the day - they are soooo comfortable, even more comfortable than my Earth flipflops. The idea of Fitflops is that they help you get fit - because of the shape they work your muscles more, Vicky could feel a difference after 1 hours use. My Earth shoes have a similar effect so my muscles didn't feel any different but I love them - I hope they will make a nice furry boot style for winter as I don't know how much longer I can wear flipflops, the rain just keeps coming.

Thursday 7 August 2008

Stamps by Judith

Since the delivery last week from Stamps by Judith, Julie Knott has been working hard to create this artwork in time for Stamperama Stevenage this weekend. As mentioned previously these are not available to buy online but if you are not coming to the show or don't want to wait until Sunday you can call us and place your order or reserve your stamps for Sunday.