Saturday 31 January 2009

Stamperama Stevenage

Today we are setting up at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre ready for Stamperama tomorrow. I still haven't had time to download all the CHA photos from my camera, I haven't even finished unpacking my suitcase!

But I have received lots of artwork from DeNami Design using their new stamps, so now you've seen what we can do with them from Monday I will upload what DeNami have created, interspersed (sp?) with photos of new products from CHA.

I hope you can visit us at Stamperama Stevenage tomorrow, we will have information and booking forms for our Retreat that you can collect and we have the whole range of new DeNami Design stamps as well as lots of Stamps by Judith stamps and of course we couldn't possibly forget JudiKins and Printworks.

Kay Carley will be demonstrating Stamps by Judith and Lesley will be demonstrating the new DeNami.

We look forward to seeing you there - for more details visit Stamperama

Easter Chicks

DeNami stamps: Hoppy Easter Chickies, Easter Eggs stamp set, Mini Solid Filigree.
Made by Lesley.

Friday 30 January 2009

Monkey Trouble

DeNami stamps: Single Monkey, Peeled Banana, Hang in there, Leafy vine, Lg Double Circle.
Made by Lesley.

Thursday 29 January 2009

Flower Chickie

DeNami stamps: Chickie w/flower, Solid Scallop Dot Rectangle, Hello Friend, Med Double Circle.
Made by Lesley.

Wednesday 28 January 2009

DeNami Valentine

DeNami stamps - Valentine Chickie, Mini Solid Filigree, Leafy Tree.
Made by Lesley

Tuesday 27 January 2009

Coming Home

I can't believe it is already out last day in California. We still have this morning in the show so I will try and take some more photos, I have been very bad at taking photos.

There are a few new products we have seen, Potion No.9 is a spray on blending solution so you can create some cool effects and JudiKins have several new products for use in the Patera so you could be seeing a lot more of our jewellery soon.

We are just packing our suitcases before we have to check out of the room and then catch a flight home later today. I will be sad to leave all our American friends but it will be nice to get home.

And I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday at Stamperama, Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre.


Vellum Eggs

This card has a layer of vellum over the top with Happy Easter stamped on it.
The layer underneath is stamped and then the images have been outlined with a millenium pen.
DeNami stamps - Sm Happy Easter, Easter Eggs stamp set, Solid Scallop Dot Rectangle.

Why is it sending Happy Easter cards isn't a big tradition for most people in the UK? I would much rather receive a beautiful hand made card then chocolate - as much as I love chocolate (and I do love chocoate) I don't want any at Easter as I am still recovering from all the chocolate I received at Christmas.

Monday 26 January 2009

Sarah Hodsdon

This is our friend Sarah Hodsdon, she has her first CHA booth in the Designer section. Sarah is an amazingly talented person and is unbelievably creative in everything she does.
Her booth is made entirely of cardboard - the floor is woven cardboard, the chairs are cardboard, the 8ft tree is cardboard and all the landscape and decorations are cardboard. It certainly stands out from all the others.

Sarah also has a great sense of humour. The photo above is Herasmus and she has her own badge - you have to read her full name out loud and listen to what you are saying.
We were introduced to Sarah about 3 years ago and unfortunately we only get to see Sarah once or sometimes twice a year but she is most definitely a friend for life and a person that can get you excited about life and all it has to offer you.

Last night we attended the keynote speaker event, the speech was given by Deborah Norville, who I believe is a TV Newsreader over her in the US but also a very passionate crafter. The bottom line of Deborah's speech was that if you are grateful every day for the good things that happen, however small, it helps calm and de-stress you and focus your mind on the job in hand. So instead of focusing on the negative things that might be happening to you or around you, focus on the positives to get you through. We all knew this already -didn't we? It just takes someone to remind us.


We made it to Hollywood. We've been here for a few days and managed to stop working for one day to sneak out and go see some sights. The weather here has been cool for Southern California but still warmer than home.

Today (Sunday) was the first day of CHA and the following 2 photos are artwork from the Ranger booth.

I will try and post more photos and details tomorrow but now it is time for bed (11.49pm)

Easter Eggs

DeNami stamps - Chickie Easter Basket, Sm Happy Easter, Easter Eggs stamp set.

The easter eggs are stamped onto the pink card in white stazon so you might not be able to see them very well in this photo.
Made by Lesley.

Sunday 25 January 2009

DeNami Car

This is DeNami's new Single Car, also available is a set of Cars & Trucks and even a Chickie crusin in a convertible.
DeNami stamps - Single Car, Birthday Wishes Circle.
Made by Lesley.

Saturday 24 January 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

DeNami Stamps - Easter Chickie, Small Happy Easter, Solid Scallop Dot Rectangle, Med Double Circle.
This solid scallop dot rectangle is another of our favourites from this new selection. As you can see we Lesley has stamped it in 3 different colours and doesn't it look fabulous? Just think of all the colour combinations you could create.
Made by Lesley.

Friday 23 January 2009

Hula Chickie

You probably can't tell from this picture but the yellow section is a flap that lifts up and another it says 'Sending You Love'.
DeNami Stamps - Hula Chickie, Leafy Vine, For You Circle.
Made by Lesley.
There is Diamond Glaze on Hula Chickie to give her the raised glossy look.

Thursday 22 January 2009

Monkey Magic

This is a Single Monkey, his arms are empty but here we have placed the Peeled Banana in his hand.
DeNami Stamps - Single Monkey, Peeled Banana, Hang In There, Leafy Tree, Leafy Vine.
Made by Lesley

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Swinging Monkeys

This is the new Swinging Monkeys stamps, aren't these monkeys cute?
Swinging Monkeys, Happy Birthday, Bunch of Bananas, Peeled Banana.
Made by Vicky.

Tuesday 20 January 2009

Basket of Chickies

Chickie Easter Basket, Small Happy Easter, Mini Solid Filigree (again in white stazon).
Made by Lesley.

Lesley will be demonstrating with lots of these new DeNami stamps at Stamperama, Stevenage on 1st February.

Monday 19 January 2009

Flower Chickie

Chickie w/flower, Med Double Circle, Lg Double Circle, Med Dot Circle Frame, Med Birthday Circle.
Made by Lesley

All these new DeNami stamps are now available on our website to pre-order. We are receiving the delivery early next week.

Sunday 18 January 2009

Even more Tweetie

You're a Tweetie, Leafy Vine, Leafy Tree.
The leaves of the Leafy Tree have been coloured with a white pen, as have the chickies with a little added glitter.
Made by Lesley.

Saturday 17 January 2009

Sending you more Love

As you can see we are loving these new DeNami stamps and especially the decorative backgrounds like this Mini Solid Filigree, it has just been stamped in white stazon.
Valentine Chickie, Sending You Love and on the pink card is Leafy Vine, again this is stamped in white Stazon for that subtle background.
Made by Lesley

Friday 16 January 2009

Sending You Love

Chickie w/heart balloon, Mini Solid Filigree.
The white oval has a handrawn border, the Millenium pen of course.
For the scallop circles and ovals on all these cards we have used a selection of punches.
Made by Lesley.

Thursday 15 January 2009

Safari Animals

Safari Animals stamp set, Leafy Sprig, Mini Polka Dot, Hello Friend.
Made by Lesley.

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Valentine Chickie

These new DeNami stamps will be in stock by the end of January, they will be on our website soon.
DeNami - Chickie w/heart Balloon, For You Circle, Happy Valentines Day.
Printworks - Checkers
Stamps by Judith - Bold Mod Heart Stubby
Made by Lesley.

Tuesday 13 January 2009

More Tweetie

You're a Tweetie without the words, Sending You Love and the Mini Solid Filigree in the background.
The birds are outlined with a grey pen and the border is handrawn with a fine millenium pen - made by Lesley.

Monday 12 January 2009

Hoppy Easter 2

Another Hoppy Easter, in the background is the Leafy Sprig and behind that is Chickie w/flower and Easter Chickie made by Vicky.

Sunday 11 January 2009

Hoppy Easter

More of Vicky's artwork, this time with the new 'Hoppy Easter Chickies'. In the background is the new 'Leafy vine', 'Med Dot Circle frame' and 'Med Double Circle'.

Saturday 10 January 2009

You're a Tweetie

Another of Vicky's using the same 'You're a tweetie' border stamp, but this time with a pink theme. The background heart is a Stamps by Judith stubby.
More tomorrow.

Friday 9 January 2009

New DeNami Design Stamps

This is one Vicky made using the new 'You're A Tweetie Chickies' stamp. A very simple card, the image is embossed in black and coloured in, the edges of the white card have been sponged with a little colour and the creased red card has been stamped with hearts using Versamark.
Lots more new DeNami to follow.

All new DeNami stamps will be added to the website soon.

In America and possibly many other countries they send a Valentines card to everyone they love, not just their sweetheart - I think that is a lovely idea, especially in our current economic climate. If you sent a Valentine card to your best friend, your sister-in-law or even your work colleagues, etc, wouldn't that make them smile? Remember don't sign it.

You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to send a Valentines card to everyone you love and admire, see how many people you can make smile.

I think I shall have to create a challenge for Valentines, now I need to go look for a prize.

Thursday 8 January 2009

Last few of Kim's

This is the last few non-Christmas samples that Kim made at the NEC.
Tomorrow is the start of lots of new DeNami Design stamps that Vicky and Lesley have been playing with for the last week.

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Monday 5 January 2009

Kim Reygate's Samples

The following is the artwork that Kim was making at the NEC recently using Stamps by Judith stamps.

Sunday 4 January 2009

Ladybird Thanks

Stamps by Judith stamps.
This is a tri-fold card with the ladybird on a scalloped punch circles attached to one side. The dotty paper is from Bella Press by DeNami Design.

Saturday 3 January 2009

Bouquet Thanks

Stamps by Judith: Large Hollyhock, Gift Tag, Thanks.
The hollyhock has been stamped five times to create the bouquet.

Friday 2 January 2009

A Note of Thanks

Stamps by Judith: Medium Frazzled Cat, Grass, Solid Flower, Postcard, Dots
Printworks: Note of Thanks

Thursday 1 January 2009


2009 - I feel like I've been in 2009 for the past 3 months. No I'm not wishing my life away, I've just been so busy planning things going on in 2009 that I forgot we were still in 2008. I am always first in line to buy next years wall planner and am now in need of a 2010 calendar as I have just received some show dates for next year.

So here is a bit of an update on what is happening over the next few months:
Firstly, I am filming again for the Create & Craft Club Wedding issue next week but I have yet to create the project so I must start work on that tomorrow. The hardest part is having to break the card down into 5 segments for filming

Then Vicky and I are flying off to the US for the CHA show, where hopefully we will find lots of lovely new products and techniques to bring back.

This is closely followed (a mere matter of days) by Stamperama Stevenage on Sunday 1st February.

I think its about a week after Stamperama we will be filming our new Create & Craft show, using Stamps by Judith stamps, so we will get this on air before the end of February.

Hopefully amongst all this I will be able to put together a newsletter to send out to all our members, which will include a list of all the new classes.

But the exciting news for 2009 is our first Rubber Stamp Retreat. It is 12-14th June in Newport Pagnell, 20 minutes from our store. Arrive on the Friday afternoon/evening for dinner followed by an evening get together, get up early for breakfast and start the stamping day by 9am. Saturday and Sunday we will be stamping and creating all day with the latest stamps, accessories and techniques that we can lay our sticky little paws on. We can't provide a comprehensive schedule until nearer the time when we know what new products we have to play with.
The whole weekend costs £295 which includes 2 nights accommodation and all meals. If you would like an information pack please email me.

We will also be exhibiting at several Stamp and Craft shows this year, please check out website for an up to date list.

Oh, I almost forgot. I believe it is 10th Feb there is a brand new magazine coming out and we will have a project in it, we will also be stocking the magazine as it is only available in craft stores not supermarkets or WHS. If you would like to reserve your copy please give us a call on 01234 855833.

Come back tomorrow for more artwork.