Monday, 1 October 2007

Mary Jo's DVD

We were exhibiting at Alexandra Palace this weekend so I took my laptop along so I could check my emails, etc from the hotel. Unfortunately in this particular hotel internet access was not included, in fact it costs £15 per day - as you can imagine I didn't get hooked up, as much as I wanted to check my emails and surf the web I could wait 2 days until I got home.
So we had no internet access but we did have some new DVDs. The one we watched was Exploring Art Materials by MaryJo McGraw, obviously you can find this on our website.
So many instructional DVDs that I have seen in the past I am sitting there thinking 'just hurry up and get on with it, I don't need to watch you cut a piece of paper!'. But this was one was far more informative. It covers quite a few products I have heard of but never been brave enough to use or didn't understand quite how they work.
One of these is Gesso, MaryJo covers Gesso, Acrylic Paints, Gel Mediums and Beeswax plus others. There are explanations for each product and then several projects that you can complete. And yes, there were one or two moments that I thought 'just hurry up and get on with it' but on the whole I learnt quite a lot from it.

But my favourite part is always the Bloopers.

I think we should start a 'Get MaryJo to England' campaign - what do you think?

On a different note, I have managed to get my hands on the new Blonde Moments papers but we are not allowed to put them up on the website until next week so if you want them you will have to come into the store or give us a call.

We had a delivery of the new Luxe Desigs papers today, they are already up on the website and hopefully tomorrow we can get the HOTP decorated Christmas brads and Really Big Brads on there too.

If you've been on the website recently you will see we've added 7Gypsies stuff, we've had it in store for a while but only just managed to get it online. We are slowly working our way around the shop to get everything online, but as you can imagine this is quite a slow process.

Have a good evening.

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