Monday, 19 November 2007


I couldn't believe it when we looked out last night and our cars were covered in snow. I don't pay much attention to the weather report so I had no idea there was even a chance of snow.
Luckily it was short lived and it warmed up today but I hear the odds have dramatically shortened against a white Christmas.
We are spending our Christmas at Center Parcs again this year, like we have for the last few. We always used to spend Christmas Day at my parents' house but now they are no longer around it feels strange to stay at home - and I can't cook so it is definitely better to eat out.

So I wouldn't mind a white Christmas but I would prefer it not to start this early, especially as my friends in California are taking great delight in telling me they are wearing shorts and driving their cars with the roof down - I think I could adjust to life in California.

Christmas aside, nothing terribly exciting has happened at Stamp Addicts recently. The weekend just gone was our Bind It All workshops which were great fun. We included a little acetate book but as we didn't ask people to bring photos we supplied them of us and the shop so they could make a book of 'My fave Stamp Store'.

This Friday and Saturday we have Kay Carley teaching 2 different workshops, details on the website.

You may have seen our adverts at the moment advertising our sale. This starts on the Saturday after Christmas and then continues in the New Year. Everything in the store will be in the sale but other than that I cannot give you any specifics.

Do you think we should hold a Christmas Shopping Evening in December? I went to one at Boots on Wednesday, they supplied biscuits and Mulled Wine and extra points - now while I can't offer you extra Boots points I am sure we can think of something!

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