Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Sorry I've not blogged for a while. We had Rob & Judi from JudiKins staying with us, they arrived last Thursday and left yesterday morning.

We spent Friday in the office going over new designs and ideas and working on new TV shows for next year, we managed to accomplish quite a lot so there will be lots of new stamps for you in the coming months.

On Saturday we took them to Regent Street to see the Christmas lights, they were a little disappointing this year. We wondered around the shops and then we made the mistake of going into Hamleys. It was heaving with bodies. We finally managed to get the lift to the top floor and we worked our way down via the stairs (which are decorated like Narnia - really cool!) I managed to buy a couple of presents I needed for Bailey before we high-tailed it out of there but getting out was almost as hard as getting in. Whenever I have visited Hamleys in the past it has always been busy but I've never seen it this busy.

We had a lovely relaxing Sunday morning and then after lunch we visited Vicky in her new house. Later that evening we also visited a friend who has the most amazing Christmas tree. I was really really bad and didn't take a single photo during their whole trip. I am waiting for Rob to send me a copy of his photos and then I will post some up for you.

Judi and I stayed up every night until at least midnight gossipping and catching up, I'm not used to such late nights so hopefully I can catch up on some sleep this week before we go away for Christmas.

We are due a delivery from the US either today or tomorrow so I will be back on and let you know what arrives.

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