Friday, 19 September 2008


Well, I think we are ready for Harrogate. We will be leaving this morning to make the 3+ hour journey to hopefully get there just after lunch.

We had a big delivery of Stamp by Judith yesterday as well as some more Zutter R-10 Corner rounders and the new Suze Weinberg Stickles glitter glues - extra sparkly!

We also had a delivery of papers from Adornit but the Christmas ones I ordered are not available yet. It would seem that most manufacturers are not releasing new Christmas papers until October which seems very late for all the cardmakers. Are they not thinking about the cardmakers? I know in previous years we have always complained that Christmas was starting earlier and earlier, maybe because Summer was a non-starter this year we are now looking for the festive cheer that it seems will elude us until at least the middle of October.

Perhaps a little sunshine would help! We have had the odd sunny day recently but I tend to miss them and only discover it has been warm when I get in my car to come home.

Talking of getting in my car - if you visit our store you will now find some alterations have been made to the big Swan roundabout on the A421, don't worry just drive between the cones and you will get to us. This roundabout is being made into a longabout (?) and they have also added an extra roundabout between the 2 we already had, so there are thousands of cones. I have noticed that they do tweak the positions of these cones as they complete new bits of road. So the mass of cones does look confusing to some but it is easy enough to navigate. We are told works will be finished in 2010.

I know I have not posted up any artwork for the last week or two but the new DT assignment is due back to us soon as we are filming the new show in early October. I have also started work on the next Mini-Mag which will have lots more Stamps by Judith artwork as well as the new TV show.

I could steal some of the artwork Vicky made at the last show and what she makes at Harrogate and try and post this up early next week - I'll see what I can do.

I guess it is time to stop waffling and get ready for Harrogate - hope to see you there.

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