Thursday, 25 December 2008

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

I had to share this with you as I think whoever had this idea is a genius.
A life size snow globe. I was desperate to get inside and play too but I wanted to make sure we had lots of photos, so I took the photos.
The snowglobe is in The Centre Milton Keynes until 3rd January - I would highly recommend it as they had great fun, the only downside is that you do keeping finding the 'snow' around the house for several days afterwards.


Gillian said...

How magical is that for children..... and adults. Never seen anything like that before. Forgot to say yesterday how I enjoyed your 12 days of Christmas, very, very clever.

Happy New Year to you all.

Gill x

Lee Taylor said...

Your find these were not just in Milton Keynes! It was the first year you would have seen these human sized snowglobes anywhere at all!! But this year we had a Bluewater Snowglobe, Milton Keynes, Hull, Sunderland, Chester Zoo and Hyde Park! We even have a facebook group for the Bluewater Snowglobe! Take a look - there are lots of pictures, comments and videos of other people in the Snowglobe having fun! Keep an eye out to!! We may just be back at Easter with a slightly different theme! Glad you enjoyed it! Lee Taylor, Bluewater Snowglobe Manager. ps. you can always leave your comments on our facebook page and please feel free to upload your picture to show people what it is like! Happy New Year!

Lee Taylor said...

pps. Have you Seen the Snowglobe Blog?

ppps. to find us on facebook just clikck on groups and type bluewater or snowglobe