Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Live TV

Well, we did it - Live TV for the first time was a little bit scary but not very different from our usual pre-recorded shows. Everything went smoothly, we didn't have time to squeeze in all 4 of our demonstrations as they wanted to make sure you got to see all the artwork but apart from that it all went to plan.

We hope you enjoyed the show.


Rainbow Lady said...

We, and I speak for my friend Frankie too (I know she can speak for herself lol) loved every minute of it and thanks to Nigel for reading out our emails.
Great stamps and super demos from two real professionals. Love Cynthia x

Dragon said...

She's right!!! I CAN speak for me!!! But it was a great show and you were both the consumate pofessionals as usual.
LOve and light

Purplicious said...

Thank you Cynthia and Frankie for your kind comments, thank you for also emailing in to the studio and giving the retreat a mention - which has now sold out. I guess that means we should start thinking about what we are going to play with during our weekend in June. We look forward to seeing you.

Julie said...

I enjoyed the show too, shame it's always so short. Great techiniques and card layouts too.

Rainbow Lady said...

Many thanks Sarah, Vicky and Nigel for the great card received the other day. Love Cynthia x