Thursday, 10 May 2012

Its Twisted!

  I hope you can see the measurements but if not this is an A4 piece of card, all of the dotted lines are the folds needed to create this card. 
The first is through the centre of the card vertically (top to bottom) to create a tall creased card. 
The next crease is 10.5cm from the top. 
The final creases are the diagonals 18cm at the edges to 14cm in the centre.
I would suggest making pencil lines at the measurements listed and then score with a bone folder.  You need to fold along all your creases to make sure they move easily.  Then fold in where my thumb is.  The top crease needs to fold away from you so it looks something like this:
Your finished creased card should look like this.  Vicky is createing this one in our TV show on Thursday at 12 noon using our Ballet and Flowers & Leaves unmounted stamps. 

If you are having trouble and are able to pop into our shop this Saturday during our Demo Day we will be happy to show you.


Sandycal999 said...

Simply elegant, beautiful

Jools said...

Very elegant, love the image. Beautiful colours. Jools. xx