Wednesday, 3 October 2012

National Chocolate Week 8-14 October

I did not know this even existed but yes it does and oh yes it should.  But even better news I found this on the website:

"And the even more fantastic news is that it can actually be very good for you! It’s also well known that women crave chocolate around the time of menstruation. Some scientists think this is because chocolate contains magnesium and women are lacking it at this point of the cycle. Other than magnesium chocolate contains iron, potassium and more great vitamins that keep us healthy and well. Probably that and the fact we’re feeling a bit sorry for ourselves and could do with a pick me up. Any excuse! "

And yes I do crave chocolate during a particular week of the month, I have no excuses for the rest of the month apart from the fact that I love chocolate.

We do have a couple of Chocolate stamps from DeNami, the individual chocolates and Mimi eating chocolates but as soon as I get in to the shop I'm going to go and see if I can find any more - we need more chocolate!

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brenda said...

It's a new one to me as well Sarah, but how fabulous.

And I'm another self-confessed chocoholic, diabetic or not I still have to have my chocolate kick most days.

B x