Wednesday, 27 March 2013

An Evening with Marti Pellow

Since the days of Wet Wet Wet I have been a fan of Marti Pellow - its because I can hear him smile when he sings.  For the last few years my friend and I have been to see him in various musical stage productions.
When I moved up here from London the thing I missed the most was being able to jump on the underground and go anywhere in London, especially to the theatre but not forgetting shopping on Oxford Street and Covent Garden.
4 or 5 years ago I discovered the Milton Keynes Theatre which is a great little modern theatre, I always did prefer the smaller venues in London as it is obviously easier to get a good view of the play or concert, and being vertically challenged means there has always been a greater risk of my view being obstructed, so the smaller the venue the smaller the risk.

Anyway, back to our evening with Marti.  He is currently touring the UK with songs from his new album and this was the only date in MK, Sunday night after our Cardmaking Weekend.
He sat and chatted between songs explaining why he had chosen these particular songs and he had lots of stories to entertain us with.  It was a great evening and very relaxing but boy was I tired when I woke up Monday morning, I did not want to get out of bed.
The only annoyance for me was all the flashing phones and cameras - I was able to take all my photos without flash!


Anonymous said...

Like you I think he smiles when he sings. Lucky you would loved to have seen him, I must keep my eyes open.


DeBe said...

Great photos, were you near the front? Looks like a great evening, Denyse x

Redanne said...

How wonderful to see Marti Pellow, I am ever so slightly envious of you! I must look out for his new album.

Purplicious said...

Yes, we were near the front. 4th row :) Can't wait for May when we go back to see him in Evita.