Thursday, 10 July 2014

more Switzerland

 On Friday night we went to see Aida (the Elton John + Tim Rice musical version).
As you can see it was on a lake.  It was a temporary structure sitting in shallow water. 
When we arrived we were all handed ponchos as there was the possibility of thunderstorms, luckily they didn't happen until we have left the theatre.
In the background are the Alps, it was breathtaking.
Even though the show was in German I was able to work out a lot of what was happening from the body language.  If you get the chance to see this show I would highly recommend it - although you might prefer the English speaking/singing version.
 This is one of the places we stopped at on the way home, so calm and peaceful.
 In this photo the piece of the land on the far left is Italy, everything else is Switzerland.

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brenda said...

Green with envy Sarah, Aida is my fav opera, well anything Verdi really. We saw it at Verona a couple of years ago but would love to see that version as well.

B x