Friday, 25 September 2015

Meeting McBusted

My 13 year old daughter (2nd from right) has been itching to go to a concert
for some time, but I have been hesitant because of the sheer size of most venues
and the fact that we probably won't be able to see anyone on the stage.

So when the opportunity came up to win tickets to meet McBusted and then watch the concert
at Newmarket Racecourse I grabbed the chance and was lucky enough to win.

It was a great venue for a first concert, small enough that everyone can see the stage 
and the people on it.

Annabel absolutely loved it, plus we even enjoyed a few horse races before the concert.

Above is the photo of us meeting the band.
Now I have never been in any doubt that I am vertically challenged (5'2") but in this
photo I (in the centre) am obviously in the land of the tall!
I've even got heels on!

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