Monday 10 September 2007


I have always looked at people wearing Crocs and thought 'do you have any idea how silly you look?'. Well for my birthday back in July, Vicky kindly bought me this pair of Crocs and I promptly put them in the conservatory for use in the garden only.

Two months down the line and I can admit to having worn them out in public, they are sooooo comfortable. They are absolutely brilliant on long flights to the US. Normally I would slip off my shoes and socks and wear the socks provided, my shoes don't fit during the flight and are quite difficult to get back on when we land so I just pad around in airline socks for the duration. But because these are quite roomy and have lots of ventilation it was easy to slip them on and off so I didn't have to worry about getting wet socks from the bathroom floor (don't you just hate that on airplanes!).

So I confess to be a Crocs convert, I've heard they come in different styles, but the boots are only for children. They did feel a little bit strange at first and my husband still find thems uncomfortable but that's a good thing, these are mine all mine!

And the dog hasn't been able to chew through them but he is tempted because they are made of a similar product to some of his toys.

Go on - you know you want them!

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