Friday 29 October 2010

JudiKins are here

Judi & Rob have landed. They left LA on Tuesday evening and arrived in London yesterday afternoon, anyone that has ever made this journey knows how difficult it is to stay awake past 6pm. So it was up to us to keep them awake until at least 9pm so they could wake up this morning feeling refreshed with as little jet lag as possible.

Well, Rob & Judi love watching movies and having spent several hours catching up on family and gossip we decided to watch the movie Avatar - I've never managed to watch this one all the way through so did not realise how long it was!

The movie was brilliant and although they had already seen it in the cinema Rob & Judi did manage to stay awake throughout the whole film. But and this is a big but, it didn't finish until nearly 12.30 which is an unusually late night for me (and very late for them considering they have hardly slept in 2 days) - so late in fact that I didn't wake up until after 8am this morning and I almost never do that!

We will be going into the shop today and should make it there sometime this morning so if you want to drop in and say hi to Rob & Judi they would love to see you. Or if you are coming to the show in Bury St Edmunds on Sunday they will be with us, we've even managed to persuade Judi to run our Make & Take.

It is already 9am so I better go get dressed and attempt some work.

Hope to see you later.

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