Thursday 18 December 2014

My Bucket

If you popped into the shop on Saturday you would have seen me decorating this bucket.
It started life as a metal yellow bucket from our favourite Swedish store.
After a couple of coats of white paint to dull the yellow and act as a primer I was able to cover it with napkins using a watered down pva mixture.
The pink polka dot background is a printed napkin but it is the second layer of the napkin and not the top layer which is a very bright pink.
The Grunge Flowers, stems and leaves I stamped onto plain white napkins using Stazon (you can use Archival and heat set).
I then tore out the images and applied them on to the bucket using the same pva mixture.
You need to let it dry in between layers.
I did put some glitter glue inside some of the flowers and leaves.
I have yet to apply the top coat of Mod Podge but then it should be ready to put a pot plant in and give as a gift.

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