Thursday, 10 December 2015

Swiss Mountains

After spending 3 days teaching we went up into the mountains for 2 days.
Unfortunately there is not yet enough snow for skiing but there was plenty of sunshine.
People swim in this lake during the summer but now it is frozen.
 All the images I had in my head of what it would look like in the mountains is totally true, just like all the movies.  Log cabins, cows with cowbells (although most are inside for the winter).
 I was trying to capture the snow glistening in the sunlight but it just doesn't photograph well.
The one thing I really could not photograph was the stars.
Because there are no street lights and virtually no light polluting the skies you can see hundreds (maybe thousands) of stars in the sky every night, it is magical to see.

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cards by Stevo said...

such a lovely place great pics lucky you :) xx