Sunday, 18 September 2016

Exciting Announcement

You may have seen the announcement on Facebook recently but if you missed it we have started a joint venture with Be Creative (Once Upon A Stamp) and Hochanda TV.

Create It Events Ltd in partnership with Hochanda Live .
This is a joint venture which will bring at least FIVE major retail shows to the UK in 2017 .
The centrepiece of each show will be HOCHANDA LIVE !
As the name suggests, Hochanda will be broadcasting live from each of the shows throughout the UK.
You will be able to meet with your favourite presenters and take part as a live studio audience as the live broadcasts take place throughout the day.
The key to the shows will of course be the retailers themselves who make Hochanda the success story of the past year .
The vision of Hochanda is to encompass all crafts whether it be Papercrafts, Needlecrafts, Pottery, Art, Woodwork and so much more .
We hope that all of the above and so much more will be present at each and every show .
The brief of Create it Events Ltd was to make the shows exciting with as many demonstrations and Make and Takes as we can possibly fit in . We had to make the shows affordable for both the exhibitors and you the public to attend .
Lots of Fun, Value for money, Interactive Friendly shows !
The above is just some of the vision and aspirations of ourselves and Hochanda ...there is much much more to be announced soon.
In 2017 there will be 5 shows in the UK with the first show coming in MAY 2017 .
Our vision and mission for 2018 is for 8 major events and in 2019 moving up to 12 major events encompassing most of the UK.
Exciting, Friendly, Affordable, Interactive.
We hope you like what you are hearing and your feedback is important to us .
Help us to Help you by spreading the word far and wide .
This is the beginning of something new, these will be your shows !
Sign up for more information at our new website

Gordon Fraser - Managing Director
Justin Liau - Director of Operations
Sarah Bewick - Director of Events
Vicky Adams - Director of Sales

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