Thursday, 3 January 2008


Happy New Year

I have finally managed to get all the grungeboard on our website, because of the sale we haven't even had chance to play with it yet.

Why is it everybody seems to be suffering with something at the moment? Isn't it horrible! And on top of that it is absolutely freezing outside. But at least we haven't had the snow here in Bedford yet, I know lots of other places haven't been quite so lucky.

On the bright side, Annabel went back to school today. She wasn't terribly keen to go but I am sure Martin was very relieved, even though it means he has to come back to work. And it is really cold in our warehouse.

I think I have a very romantic view of snow. I look forward to getting snow and making snowmen but when the snow actually arrives I had driving in it and only want to make snowmen for approximately 20 minutes, by then my gloves are soaked through and I am too cold.

Last year the snow got so bad the schools were closed so Annabel came to work with us and made a 6ft snowman in the car park. He lasted about a week before finally disappearing. Days like that are quite nice but as long as it has all gone by the time I get up the next morning. Driving through the horrible dirty slush is no fun, everyone drives really slowly and the car get filthy, but you daren't put the window washer on in case it freezes!

Oh well, we will just have to wait and see.

I think I have rambled enough for one evening.

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