Sunday, 24 August 2008

New Products

Countdown to Christmas by Teresa Collins as well as Snowy Jo and Hallowhimsy by Imaginisce is now all on the website listed by manufacturer but also in the 'All new products' category.

Have you got rain? It is absolutely pouring down here but it is only 7am so it might clear up. We were hoping to fly our kites later today but strangely enough they don't fly very well in the rain so we might have to wait for another day. Last weekend we took my dragon kite out for the first time and the kids were having great fun with it until one of the struts suddenly gave way, I think they're made of fiber glass so it just splintered but I didn't know this until I picked it up and managed to get several splinters in my hand, the only problem with fiberglass is that it is invisible so I couldn't pull them out of my hand.

I think I might try and go back to bed for an hour or two.

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