Monday, 6 October 2008

All About Mimi

Today we will be preparing for our new 'All About Mimi' show that we are filming tomorrow, all being well this will be on your screens Sunday morning.

If you hadn't already guessed this is using the DeNami range of stamps featuring Mimi i.e. Shopping, Driving, having a bath, going to the spa with girlfriends, etc. So we thought (actually Pink Julie suggested it) that it would be fun to wear pyjamas for filming and make it a girls night in, the producer even suggested that we start the show in a bed! But seeing as we are filming with Nigel and not Denniece I said no to that idea, the three of us in a bed could be taking it a little too far - this is not The Big Breakfast!

So after we've finished filming tomorrow I will start uploading the DT artwork for you to look at before the show and hopefully this week I might be able to share some more exciting news with you. Well several things actually but we will have to see how the week goes. Currently I feel like I am trying to achieve so many things they are all taking longer than I would like and quite often I literally forget what I am doing.

Do you ever get that? - where you walk into a room and you have so many distractions on the way by the time you get there you forget what it is you went for - this is happening to me a lot at the moment as I am trying to plan so many things, hopefully I will be able to share some of them with you this week but today we have to concentrate on preparing for filming tomorrow.

Now I feel like I am starting to ramble so I am going to sign off and come back when I have to something to share with you - I hope your week will be as productive as I am expecting mine to be!

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