Sunday, 19 October 2008

All About Mimi

If you missed it the first time you can catch All About Mimi on Create & Craft on Wednesday 22nd October at 8pm and again on Saturday 1st November at 10am.

I was doing my bit for the economy today, apparently we all need to spend money so I did a little bit of online shopping. I have been waiting for about 2 months to get a Wii Fit and finally managed to find one today so it should be delivered later this week and then we can get on and have some fun while trying to get fit!

I did also buy a new Kipling bag but it was a necessity as it is to wear at the shows, its the handbag that turns into a waist bag. Kay Carley wears one at the show and Vicky thought it was such a good idea that we should get them too, we've known several exhibitors have their handbags stolen at the shows so it is the safest option.

I hope you enjoyed the All About Mimi show, we are looking to film one using Stamps by Judith but the hardest part is choosing which stamps.

I have added a couple of cards from Stamps by Judith to our Projects section and you can buy these stamps online, but they won't be on there for long as we are not allowed to keep the stamps on our website, so get them while you can.

The Quickutz that we have at 60% off is selling out fast so don't hesitate and buy today because when its gone its gone for good.

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