Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Artwork Made on TV

This is the card Vicky made using the Essentials set and a small Frazzled Cat. Tear a piece of masking tape and lay it on card. Stamp Grass Tuft and Hay Pile across the edge of the masking tape to create the hilly garden. Stamp flower heads onto top of grass. Use the Snowflake to create flowers by either stamping several times and only moving very slightly or pressing down firmly - both options will create a different look. Don't forget to use your Millenium pen to create the Bee trail.
This is one that I made on the show with Medium Griz, Party Hat and the Solid Balloon stamp. To make it easier I stuck the hat on afterwards but you could stamp the hat first and then mask and stamp Griz underneath. Use the Millenium pen to draw the balloon string and the border around the card. I used a grey pen to outline bear and make him pop off the white card.

Vicky made this card using the Frog set. Again she did some masking, this time stamping and masking the frog and then placing the Lily pad under the frog.

I made this one using the Frazzled Cat Set and the Hat with Ribbon, as with the Griz card I have added the hat afterwards. I started by stamping the 2 smaller cats first and then masking them and stamping Med Frazzled Cat so he appears to be behind them. Coloured with Brushables.

Well this is the last card I was supposed to make on the show but we ran out of time. It is very simple in technique as it is just basic stamping, stamp Puppy and Doghouse, stamp some Grass Tufts around and then place flower head over grass and colour. Stamp haypile in green for grass. The little Solid Heart stubby was used to create the butterfly - stamp 2 hearts with points touching and then draw in body with Millenium pen. All images are coloured with Brushables.

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