Saturday, 21 February 2009

Dawn's Hats & Cats

Stamps by Judith Hat w/riboon, Sitting Frog, Grass Tuft.

Medium Frazzled Cat, Small Fishing Hat, Fish Bones Stubby and Fish Stubby.

Medium Frazzled Cat, Fish Bones Stubby and Meow Stubby.
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler.


Dragon said...

These are fantastic. I loved the show, and was particularly pleased to be reunited with the puppy and the bowl of bones!!!

Anne said...

I really, really, enjoyed the show yesterday, I have some of the stubbies and basics and it's helpful to get inspiration, they are so versatile.

Would love more with the Judith tree please! Well with anything really :), dorky bird, flowerpots wtc.

Where did the wording come from on the cards please?

Thanks again

pinky said...

Saw these on c&c yesterday. You have made 3 beautiful cards. Love them.

Purplicious said...

So glad you all liked the show.
Anne - I believe most of the words from the DT were computer generated but we do have quite a large selection of word stamps from Stamps by Judith to choose from.