Thursday, 19 March 2009

Patera TV Show

This is one of the first pieces I made using the Easy Peasy Books with the Patera and JudiKins Fluxe Enameling Resin powder.
The Easy Peasy books are . . . . easy peasy. Just cut or punch out the images you want to use and glue them inside the Patera. There are co-ordinating pages of images and acetate, I have used both as the words were split between the layers.
Now when I first started using all these products together I didn't exactly follow the instructions I was given. I was told that you need to fix your image into the Patera and allow it to dry before you fill with Fluxe and cook.
I thought . . . why do I need to stick it down, surely the weight of the powder will hold it down and fix it in position . . . well not exactly, but kind of. The layers lifted slightly and separated so I have some pieces that look to have more depth than others because of the Fluxe between the layers. So I started sticking them with Diamond Glaze and leaving them to dry before adding the Fluxe. But I am impatient so I then tried Fluxe before the DG had dried. This gives a strange wet look around the edge of the image because the Fluxe seeps underneath.
When filled with Fluxe put in the oven at 150oc for between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the size of the piece. Remember to put on the edge of some cardboard if it has an overhanging loop.
More jewellery to follow.

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