Sunday, 1 March 2009

The week ahead

I can't believe it is already March and the NEC Hobbycrafts is fast approaching.

Products ordered at CHA are now slowly trickling in, I believe all the new Tim Holtz products will be available within the next couple of weeks.  We've got a delivery from Prima arriving tomorrow along with several other things but I don't know exactly what until we start opening boxes - this is what makes Mondays such a good day.

But I might miss out on the box opening tomorrow as I am popping up to Create & Craft to film a short show on jewellery making with Patera and the new Easy Peasy books.  I'm hoping it will air in about 2 weeks but I will keep you informed.

We will be busy packing for the NEC all of this week so if you have any special requests or items you definitely want to collect from us at the show let us know soon so we can include them for you.

Oooh, I have to tell you about my Friday night.  I went to the Milton Keynes Theatre with a friend to see Marti Pellow in the Witches of Eastwick.  I was a big fan of Wet Wet Wet in my younger days and I can say I don't think he has lost any of his charm and cheekiness.   I thought I'd seen the movie but after seeing this musical I'm going to have to revisit the movie as I didn't remember most of it and I am beginning to doubt that I ever saw the film (probably just saw the trailers).
The show was great fun and quite hysterical in parts, especially when Marti was gyrating on the floor alone!
If you have the opportunity to see this show I would definitely recommend it.

Having lived in London we were quite spoilt when it came to musicals and theatres and it was one of the things I missed when we moved out here.  This was my first trip to the theatre in 12 years and it was nice to be able to drive and park outside the building and not have to get on the underground, much more relaxing.

Anyhoo, I best be off to my bed for a good nights sleep ready for filming tomorrow and a busy week ahead.

I hope to see you in our store soon.

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