Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Kay's Demo Day Artwork

All these have been created with Stamps by Judith rubber stamps with the odd DeNami or JudiKins flourish in the background.
I sent Kay a set of 36 Polycolor pencils to use in this artwork and whilst Kay did love the pencils she complained that she didn't have her favourite colours to work with.

But I think you will agree with me that these cards are beautiful and it was worth getting Kay out of her comfort zone.
More artwork will follow soon, why not come and see Kay creating artwork just like this at the Artstamps Newbury show on 4th July.

1 comment:

Kay Carley said...

Hiya Sarah,

Actually it was 24 pencils not 36 so I was even more limited!!!

Glad you liked the samples though.

By the way couldn't you have taken a better photo of me than that for the previous post - I look like a right bozo!!!

Kay :)