Thursday, 19 November 2009

Damask Cube

I hope you enjoyed the show yesterday, we tried a slightly different format to normal and I preferred it - did you notice any difference?
It was great fun working with Leonie and we hope to be working with her again soon. JK Damask Cube with a shrink Plastic Cloth butterfly.
JK Damask Cube embossed in white.
Artwork by DT - Brenda.


Lauren Hatwell said...

I thought it was one of the best shows you've done. I wanted IT ALL!!!! Love the ideas you came up with and I thought all the stamps featured were really versatile and could be used for lots of different things. Well done to everybody. Fabulous cards and ideas, fabulous products. Lauren x

Lynn said...

Oh no! I didn't know that you had a show yesterday so Missed it. How annoying, I do look forward to your shows and with Leonie presenting I'm sure it went well. Any idea when the show will be repeated?

Lynn x

Purplicious said...

Lynn, unfortunately the show won't be shown again. They only repeat twice and it was on late last night and early this morning. If you sign up to the e-newsletter on our website you'll know about all our new shows before they air.

Lauren, glad you liked the show.

Christine said...

I haven't watched your shows for a while but I LOVED IT.
Fabulous demos from the both of you.
I NEED ALL you showed, particulary liked your latest mask stamp with the gilding leaves, just stunning.
Christine xx