Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Newsletter

I've nearly done it, albeit a month or two late. The latest edition of our newsletter/mini-mag is almost finished. I believe I will be able to finish the final page today, it will then take me a whole day to print this one page, all other pages are printed and ready.
Half the envelopes are stamped and labelled ready for stuffing, the other half should get done within the next few days, although Julie is on holiday this week so if you pop into the shop tomorrow it is only myself and Vicky (and of course my wonderful husband working in the warehouse), so please be patient with us as the phones have been quite busy this week, but we would love to see you.

If you do pop in to see us this week you might catch us working on our new TV shows. We are filming 2 shows on Tuesday but they won't be on your screens for a week or two, I will let you know exact dates when I have them. Wheelie Stamp Addicts & Mica Gloss (the clues are in the titles).

Anyway, back to the newsletter -this issue contains some gorgeous new Snowmen stamps from Printworks (we are waiting on their arrival so I haven't put them on the website yet), some artwork from our last live show with Sticky Stuff and Amazing Glaze (but not together!), classes for the first half of next year, details of our next Retreat and lots more.
So if all goes according to plan you will receive this issue of the newsletter sometime next week, but best laid plans and all that!

As well as filming next week and sending out the newsletter we also have our monthly project club on Wednesday 1-3pm or 7-9pm with Amazing Glaze and our monthly crop Thursday 10am-4pm. If you would like to join us for either of these you can book online or call us.

I think its time I stopped rambling now and go do some work.

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