Thursday, 10 December 2009


I am a littley bleary eyed this morning as we had a late night last night. We went to see Cinderella at the Milton Keynes Theatre which is starring Louise Dearman, Bobby Davro, Anthea Turner, Mickey Rooney and Prince Charming was played by Anthony Kavanagh (Kavana the popstar in the 90s), he is not the advertised Prince Charming and I have to say he is the campest Prince Charming I have ever seen but this all made for a very entertaining show.

Bobby Davro was definitely the star of the show - he was certainly there to entertain the parents! Whether some of the incidents were planned or accidents I don't know but it was hilarious and I would thoroughly recommend you go and see it - children not required, although mine loved it.

It is 8am and my kids are still in bed fast asleep and today is Bailey's 4th birthday, so I'll guess we'll have to do presents this evening as waking them is probably going to take ages. But I bet they'll have some strange stories to tell their friends today about last nights panto. There was a disco ball in the theatre that was used for one of the dancing scenes and Bailey was so funny - he laid back starring at the walls and ceiling going ' wowwwwww' until they switched it off.

Anyway I must go now and start waking them and me.

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