Friday, 24 September 2010

Glam It Up - Clay Squishers

There are 10 different Clay Squishers to choose from. For this project we used Das Air Dry Clay but you can also use Polymer Clay or Silver Clay.
It is best to put something onto the Squisher like olive oil so that the clay easily releases.

Roll out your clay directly onto the squisher.

Turn it over and peel back the Squisher.

Use a cookie cutter in your desired shape. Pull away the excess to reveal your final shape.

If you are making this into a jewellery piece use a straw to make the hole for the jump ring. Then set aside to dry overnight.
For colour we applied Mica Gloss using Cut n dry.

You can either apply a thin layer to the raised bits only or cover the piece completely . . .

and then use a baby wipe or damp cloth to wipe away the colour from the raised areas.

This piece of clay we placed inside a Patera pendant and surrounded with micro glass beads.

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Kathyk said...

Fab project - I feel the purchase of some clay coming on!