Thursday, 23 September 2010

Glam It Up - Transfers

For this project we used the Nunn Winter Holidays Transfer Sheet as well as some Nunn Jewellery Pieces, the completely flat pieces are Photo Stays.
First you need to choose your images and trim to size.

Drop the image into a small bowl of room temperature water. Let it soak for about a minute. The film-like image will gradually release from the backing paper.

Remove image from water and place on paper/kitchen tower or lint free cloth. Gently dab away any excess water. Slide image away from backing paper.

Apply image face up directly onto your chosen pendant. If necessary, gently shift or press the image into position. Dab lightly to release any air bubbles.

Brush a thin layer of acrylic varnish over dried image. For a high gloss finish coat with Diamond Glaze or DG3.

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