Sunday, 5 July 2015

Switzerland Day 3

This morning we had Banana and Cherry with yoghurt smoothie followed by Apricot with milk smoothie.
As well as pureed Apricots on our muesli with yoghurt.
So you think - oooh really healthy, yes but then we had honey on bread!

I am definitely going to have to get myself a blender/smoothie maker but preferably one that is easy to clean.  If you have any recommendations please let me know.

After breakfast we drove 3 hours to their holiday apartment in the Swiss Alps - Obersaxon.
This is the view from the services on the highway.

Their apartment is on the ground floor of this building with the mountains in the background.
They have a ski lift very close by so they have enjoyed lots of skiing this winter.

After arriving at the apartment we then went for a walk around the mountains where there are hundreds of these cabins for the farmers to stay in whilst their cows are up here.

Marcel, Marta (farmer) and Jacqueline.

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