Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Switzerland Day 4

Breakfast started with a Banana, Cherry and Apricot Smoothie.

This morning we got the train from Ilanz to Chur (Bernina Express), it runs alongside the river Rhein which is spectacular and very popular for rafting and canoing - although sometimes a little dangerous.
After spending a couple of hours in the town of Chur we took the train back a few stops and then asked the conductor the best place to get off so we could walk alongside the Rhein.
We got off the train where he suggested and walked about 4-5 km along the Rhein until we found a sandy beach to sit and relax on and soak up the cool fresh air.
The water is very glacial looking (blue) and quite chilly - I only put my hand in but Kira the dog was happy to run in and out of the water.

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