Tuesday, 17 June 2008

C&C Weekend - Report

From all the people that I spoke to on the C&C Weekend reports were favourable, they were having a great time. The attendees were split into seven groups for the weekend, each one named after a different sweet i.e. Dolly Mixtures, Sherbert Lemons & Humbugs. There were seven different classes so the groups worked round in rotation and every group got to do every class. The schedule was tight and they only got half an hour between classes so by the time they left on Sunday afternoon they were worn out.

The most common complaint from the attendees was that they didn't have enough time to shop, and all us exhibitors would agree.

The attendees were fully fed and watered and also had evening entertainment. We were allowed to join them for the Saturday night game show 'Crafty Fortunes'. This was a really good evening and Stephanie and Nigel did an excellent job entertaining the crowd. We were having so much fun we didn't make it to bed until after 1am!! I am still recovering.

Although the weekend wasn't a financial success for us (and most exhibitors) it was a positive experience and one that we would be interested in repeating next year - but we want to teach one of the classes.

Now the weekend is over I need to turn my attention to our Demo Day on Sat 28th June.

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