Wednesday, 4 June 2008

New Cricut Machine

We saw the new Cricut machine today - it is sooo much nicer and better than the original. It is the same size as the original (not the Expression) but it cuts as small as quarter inch and has many more functions, as well as looking better.

We also got to see the new Cricut Jukebox - I had seen a picture of this on the ProvoCraft website but couldn't work out what it is. It is a box that can take (I think) 8 cartridges, you plug them in and it comes with a cable to plug into your Cricut, where the cartridge would normally go. You can now switch between any of your 8 cartridges and cut on the same sheet of paper, no need to turn it off and remove the cartridge before installing a different one. Apparently you can even link two of these together and work with 16 cartridges. The container also has space to store the keypad overlays and the books - fabulous idea. I believe this is going to retail just under £80.

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