Thursday, 12 June 2008

Create & Craft Weekend

Tomorrow we set off for the Metropole Hotel at the NEC, luckily this is only a short (1.5 hr) drive for us, where we will set up our stand for the Create & Craft Weekend. This is only the second year Create & Craft have run this weekend, last year it was for weekend attendees only, this year anyone can come along and visit the stands (like ours) to purchase fabulous crafting products. I believe the entrance fee is £2 and there are approximately 20 exhibitors - but don't quote me on that.

Aside from preparing for this show I have also started work on the next newsletter and the next TV show. I have to plan everything well in advance, it is very rare for me to do something without having planned it to the enth degree first. Maybe I don't like suprises, I'm not sure. I just want to make sure everything is going to run smoothly and that I won't get stressed out. Poor old Nicky (she'll kill me for saying old) at Create & Craft, I have been bombarding her with emails and calls with questions about this weekend, because it is the first time we have attended this event I had lots of questions, about unloading, access, food!!!. I know lots of people would be happy to turn up and figure it out as they go along but if I can be prepared then I don't have to spend time working out ways around obstacles and can spend more time relaxing and socialising, or even swimming.

If you are part of the weekend I hope you are prepared for a great time, I believe that the welcome pack includes a tote bag and a tool kit. And I know all the guys and gals at Create & Craft have gone all out to make sure this is a wonderful weekend - if you see me at the hotel bar mine's a pint of Evian.

In the shop this week: the Summer issue of Scrapbooking & Beyond magazine arrived, the July issue of Scrapbooks etc arrived and a bigger selection of Petaloo silk flowers also arrived. We received the new Teresa Collins unmounted Travel stamps that co-ordinate with the Travelogue papers and we also took delivery of the Teresa Collins Perfect Closures. Fingers crossed for lots more goodies next week.

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smart shopper said...

A craft weekend sounds great. I try to have a craft day within a month to stay in touch with my creative side +)