Monday, 26 January 2009

Sarah Hodsdon

This is our friend Sarah Hodsdon, she has her first CHA booth in the Designer section. Sarah is an amazingly talented person and is unbelievably creative in everything she does.
Her booth is made entirely of cardboard - the floor is woven cardboard, the chairs are cardboard, the 8ft tree is cardboard and all the landscape and decorations are cardboard. It certainly stands out from all the others.

Sarah also has a great sense of humour. The photo above is Herasmus and she has her own badge - you have to read her full name out loud and listen to what you are saying.
We were introduced to Sarah about 3 years ago and unfortunately we only get to see Sarah once or sometimes twice a year but she is most definitely a friend for life and a person that can get you excited about life and all it has to offer you.

Last night we attended the keynote speaker event, the speech was given by Deborah Norville, who I believe is a TV Newsreader over her in the US but also a very passionate crafter. The bottom line of Deborah's speech was that if you are grateful every day for the good things that happen, however small, it helps calm and de-stress you and focus your mind on the job in hand. So instead of focusing on the negative things that might be happening to you or around you, focus on the positives to get you through. We all knew this already -didn't we? It just takes someone to remind us.

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