Friday, 22 May 2009

Create & Craft Club

Yesterday I was at Create & Craft filming a how-to video for the Club, it probably comes out in the August edition but I'm not sure.
They wanted 'Young and Funky' and I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to create and Tuesday afternoon I started playing with the Lava Lamp stamp and some solid flowers and some bright Printworks inkpads.
For the inside of the Lava Lamp I was creating a Diamond Glaze mixed with ink on acetate background. Whilst I was doing this Vicky had just finished eating her lunch and was about to throw out her tin foil wrapping when she had an idea.

She cleaned the tin foil and then suggested we use this instead of the cardstock to create the Diamond Glaze background. So she proceeded to ink and Diamond Glaze the acetate and then placed it, wet side down, onto the tin foil.

It looked good, so I decided to cut more tin foil big enough that the same piece would also create the layer around the Lava Lamp, on top of my bright funky flower background.

We then got distracted by work stuff so didn't get back to it until Wednesday afternoon. At which point we discovered that the edges of the acetate had sealed to the tin foil but the centre remained liquid and you could still push around the DG and colours. We are thinking that the air can get to the edges so DG dries but if the air can not get to the centre it may never dry - How cool would that be?

Unfortunately I don't have a sample to show you at the moment as the one I created at Create & Craft I had to leave with them but we will try and create some more samples before Demo Day next Saturday.

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