Friday, 29 May 2009

Lava Lamp

This is the Lava Lamp with the Diamond Glaze and ink on tin foil.
I stamped the Lava Lamp in Silver Encore and then when dry used a knife and steel edge ruler to cut away the inside.
Onto a piece of Window Plastic I tapped bright inkpads and then drizzled with Diamond Glaze. Flipped it over and straight down onto the tin foil. I gently pressed down the edges to seal. After about half an hour drying time I then attached the lava lamp over the top, leaving a tin foil edge.
As you can see there is an air bubble in the lava lamp and when pressed will move around, but the more you press it the more the colours will mix together. After several days you will find that the colours will mix together on their own so this card does have a fairly short shelf life - but is great fun.
To maintain the colours of the lava lamp you can use tissue paper instead of tin foil, all the Diamond Glaze will dry so there will be no movement but it will retain all its colours.

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