Monday, 25 May 2009


I have always loved Wisteria so when we moved into our current house back in 2000, one of the few things that I planted in the garden was a Wisteria to grow over the garage. Now, we are not big gardeners in our house, both Martin and I suffer with hayfever so having flowers is something we avoid but I really wanted a Wisteria. I do try and prune it in the autumn and water it during the dry months but it was very slow to grow for the first 5-6 years. As you can see now it grows quite a lot in the spring and for the very first time it currently has flowers. This picture I took with my standard SLR lens, but then I decided to get out my macro lens, which I hardly ever use. . . .

. . . and this is the result.

Because the macro lens is quite a bit bigger than my normal lens it is heavier to carry around and doesn't fit very well in the bag, but I really must make more effort to use it as I get fantastic results. As we don't have any other flowers I started taking photos of the Daisies in the lawn

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judith@poppy cottage said...

I have Wisteria too, We moved into our house three years ago, not knowing it was there. The following spring, we had such a lovely surprise when all of these glorious purple flowers came out. I have planted another one now, ans am eagerly awaiting the time when we get flowers on that one too. Judith x