Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Dancing On Ice

The reason we were closed on Monday is because we were at a special filming for Dancing on Ice (in the audience).

We got to see a special performance (which I can't tell you about) and we were being filmed for the trailers of Dancing on Ice, we were also doing lots of singing and dancing but hopefully this won't be seen on TV as our singing isn't great and you probably wouldn't want to see our dancing.

Due to all the snow we had last night and this morning we've cancelled our project club today but we have re-scheduled for Wednesday 13th January.

We've also had to delay the new TV show that was going out this Saturday, Wheelie Stamp Addicts will now be shown on Sat 16th Jan and Mica Gloss on Sat 23rd Jan both at 1pm.

1 comment:

Kay Carley said...

Oh you lucky, lucky things!!!!

I just LOVE this programme and can hardly wait for this Friday and Sunday!!!!