Thursday, 21 January 2010

We're in California

We finally made it here last night. The journey had been going so well, no queues at check-in, no queues at security and the flight was less than 11 hours.

But then we landed and things didn't go as well at this end. It took ages to get to the gate, ages to get off the plane but then amazingly passport control was remarkably quick (normally we would be queuing for at least an hour). So we got through all this and the luggage started to come out but half an hour later we were still waiting for our suitcases and then they made the announcement that the luggage belt had jammed and they were trying to fix it.

Finally we left the airport at 9pm and drove down to Chris & Aikies, we managed to stay up chatting for a while before we headed off to bed and got about 5 hours sleep.

It is now nearly 6am and I believe we have to be at the Convention Center at 8am to set up the booth for the Craft SuperShow and CHA so I should probably go get dressed now.

Most of you will probably be pleased to know there is currently no sunshine here but plenty of rain.

I will try and take photos today and upload them tonight.


mustavcoffee said...

Brilliant, glad you arrived safely, hope you've had enough sleep to make the most of your visit, good luck x

Rainbow Lady said...

Glad you made it in the end girls. My trip to Bermuda was less eventful than yours and I made it in record time through Customs and Immigration too.
Not much sun here either just clouds and rain yesterday. Have good time Love Cynthia x