Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Finished Article

This is the (finally) finished JudiKins booth. Chris (Judi's Dad) is far right hiding behind the tower and in the middle is Rosie.
Rosie is centre stage (again), we love Rosie - she makes the most amazing cakes, muffins, marshmallow things and all kind of goodies.
Far right in this photo you can just see the ladies from Queens Ink - Patty & Jean (hopefully I got that right, we've met so many people I'm starting to forget names). Patty is doing great things with JK twinkle embossing powders and Mosaic tape and her own wonderfully unique range of rubber stamps. As the name suggest the range includes lots of regal images but also quite a few Alice in Wonderland stamps. Also, travelling with Queens Ink is Hope who owns Paper Relics, on Hope's website you can buy digital ephemera - how great is that!
We get to meet the most amazingly creative people at this show.
This is Aikie, Judi's Mum. Aikie is always clucking around like Mother Hen making sure we are taken care of and especially making sure we are getting enough food - spending a lot of time here could seriously expand my waistline. Getting Aikie to sit down and take a rest is nigh on impossible if there are things to be done - I really hope I have as much energy when I get to Aikie's age (80+ but don't tell anyone as she'll kill me for telling you).

You may wonder why there is no mention or photos of Rob & Judi, well not only do they have this booth but also the wholesale booth in the CHA show, we really only get to chat to them when we crash out in the hotel.

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