Sunday, 28 February 2010

I hate exercise

Did you see the Jonathan Ross show a few weeks ago? The one with Lorraine Kelly and John Barrowman on the horse riding machine (ijoy ride). I watched it with tears of laughter streaming down my face. Someone has put the clips from the show together on YouTube here.

I have been wanting one of these machines for about a year but I thought it was a little too pricey. I'm not known for keeping up with any excercise routine and have tried many machines over the years but it never lasts long so I didn't want to waste too much money on something that might end up being a clothes horse!

Well, whilst Vicky & I were at the trade show my wonderful husband managed to buy one on a famous auction site and then he travelled the 4 hour round trip to collect it.

I absolutely love it - it is fabulous. If you have no idea what I am talking about then watch this video, it is taken from a US shopping channel but the manufacturers video is too boring.

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Alison Dent said...

Have just watched the video, I'm sure you will love using the machine. make sure it doesn't become a clothes horse!