Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Trade Show @ NEC

We were so lucky to be surrounded by such great people at the trade show. Obviously we had Joris & Daan, and we had the enviable task of having to look at them all day every day as they were directly opposite us.
On one side we had the Once Upon a Stamp team, if you know them you know they are an absolute scream.
Liz Welch was nearby doing amazing things with Friendly Plastic and she managed to incorporate our Clay Squishers.
And only a few feet away were Jenny & Chris from Hobby Art.
I have to say a big thank you to all our customers that voted for us in the Origin awards as on Sunday night at the awards ceremony we collected the award for East Anglia Retailer of the Year, and to top off a good night when we got back to the hotel we discovered someone had organised a disco for all show attendees.

We didn't make it to the disco until about 10pm but we stayed and danced (well, I did most of the dancing as Vicky & Emma were relectant dance partners) until 12.30. I really did not want to get up on Monday morning, so not used to staying up late and dancing. I absolutely love dancing and music, most kinds but never get the opportunity to dance. Except very occasionally around the living room but then the kids join in and everything falls to pieces.

Emma is from Time To Sow, a lovely young lady (ooh get me!) and so much fun to be with. She managed to put up with my dancing more than Vicky did but she did escape off the dance floor a couple of times.
But you know you get those moments in life where you suddenly feel old - well, Emma presented me with one of these on Sunday night.
We were sitting, I was waiting until they were ready to get back on the dance floor, when The Communards song 'Don't leave me this way' starting playing. I am singing along and dancing in my seat and Emma gives me this quizzical look - 'what is this? I've never heard it', she has never heard of the song or the group - how come? I hear you ask - because Emma was born in the mid eighties!!!!!!
How old did I feel, never mind I maybe the eldest of the three but I managed to out dance the pair of them and thoroughly enjoy myself.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Girls,

Lovely to have met you at Stitches, and thanks for letting m play with your wonderful Clay Squishers, they are great - perfect for Frienldy Plastic, and they come in such beautiful designs.