Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Hello, I'm Yours . . . . . . . what an opening line!

This weekend Vicky and I were at the NEC Hobby trade show and on the stand next to us were 2 guys from The Netherlands, Joris & Daan. Joris is pronounced Yours (well almost!) so he is being totally honest when he says 'Hello, I'm Yours'. Daan also had a great surname 'Daan de Groof'. These are the guys below . . .

They had this fabulous gadget for fusing glass in the microwave - the microwave HotPot. It's not really that tall, there are 2 stacked underneath it.
Trade shows are a lot quieter and slower than the shows you normally see us at, so the guys kept us entertained, they were so much fun, I haven't laughed this much in ages. A lot of it was down to the language differences, their English was brilliant but there were still lots of words we had to explain, it certainly makes you think about the words you use.

I did get to make a necklace in the HotPot and am very tempted to get one for myself as I love jewellery and being able to make it in my favourite colours. Joris did make me a couple of beautiful pieces but Joris if you are reading this I am still waiting for the purple one!

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