Saturday, 8 September 2007


As September is our 15th birthday month we will be giving away lots of different free gifts, keep your eye on the 'products' section of our website where the free gifts will be featured. More will be added throughout the month.

I can't believe we have been going for 15 years, my 9th wedding anniversary is also next week so this is a celebratory month for me, not that we celebrate much. Over the years birthdays and anniversaries have become just another day but I think it is time to change that, we should celebrate these events in our lives and not just let them pass us by.

On that note we have also decided to make more of an occasion of halloween, it should be fun for the kids to dress up and go to halloween parties. So you will find in our store a small area dedicated to halloween and this includes pirates. Lesley has been making some halloween ATCs so come in and swap at our new ATC Trading Post. If you are throwing a halloween party we have just the stamps to make your invitations. The halloween paper stacks have been so popular we are having trouble keeping them in stock.
All I need to do now is find a good costume. When we had our last halloween party I used my wedding dress and dyed it purple (don't scream, I'm not planning to get married again and I couldn't bear to give it away so at least this way I got to wear it again). But now my former wedding dress is having another transformation for the fashion show so I can't wear it for halloween.
What I need is a quick trip to the US because they have huge stores dedicated to fancy dress costumes, and it just so happens I am going to New York at the beginning of October so I will start planning my shopping now.

Well I could ramble on for ages but I think I will leave it there for tonight.

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Rainbow Lady said...

Nothing wrong with purple for a wedding dress - I should know 'cos I wore one. Way back in 1986 when getting married in colour was not the done thing - I did. I just love purple and everyone else did too.
Love Cynthia x