Friday, 25 July 2008

Artstamps Newbury

Hopefully in a few hours the van will be loaded and we will be on our way to Newbury. I say hopefully because you never know what is going to happen, we always hire a van and one time it smelled so bad we had to unload it and exchange it for another van - all the stock would have had this horrible fishy smell and no one would want to come anywhere near us. And obviously all this added a couple of hours onto our preparation time before we could leave. Needless to say the van always get the sniff test now before we put anything in it.

To get us to Newbury we will have the assistance of my new Garmin SatNav, or GPS to the Americans. When we were in the US earlier this year we hired SatNav with the rental car, our first time.

I've had previous experience with someone else's SatNav but not in depth use. Having SatNav in the car was so much easier, and it allowed me to sleep on the journey home from the different theme parks and long days out, I had always previously been the navigator so if I fell asleep Martin would keep waking me to find out which junction or turning to take. Therefore it made the whole vacation more relaxing for me (and I got lots of extra sleep). The funny thing in the US whenever I said to someone - no problem we can find it we've got SatNav - they would like at me strange and say 'whaaaat!', they don't have SatNav only GPS - I always come home from the US a little more Americanised. So sometimes I use words like vacation, trunk or trash - I like the variety it gives my vocabulary, don't you get bored of certain words sometimes? I don't like the word 'rubbish' I much prefer 'trash' but I guess it is because its a word I haven't used as much as rubbish.

We'd been discussing and debating buying a SatNav unit for a while because it did seem like quite a frivolous purchase (I prever SatNav over GPS), we only live 3 miles from work so how often would we use it! But then we added a few extra shows to our schedule like Newbury and Cardiff, I've never been to Cardiff so welcome the navigational assistance. And we bought the version that works in the US so next time we can take our own and not hire one.

So today is the trial run for my SatNav, as we've been to Newbury on numerous occasions I am looking forward to seeing what Garmin considers to be the fastest route.

I won't be able to blog over the weekend but I will try and take photos to post next week when I report on the show.

Now I'm running late so have to dash.

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Rainbow Lady said...

I do so agree about the word 'rubbish'. I never use it always say 'trash', also much prefer 'cell phone' to mobile. 'Vacation' is another word I use lots. I also spell the US way so quite often write check instead of cheque. This comes with having lived in Bermuda for 11 years and they use a lot of American spelling and words even though they are a British run Island.
Love Cynthia x